Brickies Loam

Price: $75.00 / m³


Brickies Loam is a light off-white coloured, graded, fatty sand preferred by bricklayers for creating very workable mortars for brick laying. Suitable for natural mortar, block work and bagging.

Professional bricklayers favour brickies loam because it’s the ideal sand for blending mortar. This makes the process of laying bricks on top of each other that much easier. Thanks to its perfect blend of clay and silt content, brickies sand allows for a stickier and more workable mortar when building walls.

When used for drying and bonding, brickies sand repels water and leaves behind a sturdy, structural join. The use of brickies sand extends to building construction as it can also be utilised in sporting arenas, agriculture, fields, and most other projects that require sand with medium clay content.

Brickies sand is primarily used in applications such as:

Wall construction
Limestone block work
Sand joints
Roof capping