1” Hoop Pine Bark

Price: $80.00 / m³


1” Hoop Pine Bark has a curly, strong dark brown appearance and is known for its ability to cling to sloping terrain. It is also long lasting, has a high resistance to wind, retains moisture and is extremely low maintenance. Suitable for sloping sites, both domestic and commercial.

Hoop Pine Bark is a curly brown product with a rough texture that interlinks perfectly to hold on in almost any situation making it the perfect product for heavily wind swept areas as well as steep embankments.

Hoop Pine Bark, as with most mulches put on at the correct depth, has the benefits of weed reduction, while an added bonus is also gradually breaking down and adding nutrients to your soil.

Varies in colour from a deep brown (looking almost black when wet) to glimpses of deep golds and red