Takura Softfall

Price: $100.00 / m³


Takura Engineered Softfall was first developed in early 2008 and certified in july 2008. Since introducing our woodfibre based softfall to the market it has been well received by councils, schools and kindergartens from northern NSW to North Qld.

Here are the advantages of using Takura Engineered Softfall:

  • Current compliance certificate supplied by Consulting Coordination PTY LTD
  • Very similar properties to bark products and last longer in the playgrounds.
  • Cheaper alternative to bark products.
  • Cleaner product and dust free. Bark products create dust that can stain children’s clothes. Also dust from bark can induce asthma attacks.
  • Made from pine wood there for it is nontoxic material. (Ice cream sticks are also made from pine wood)
  • Allows easy access for wheel chairs and prams which is great for all abilities playgrounds.
  • There is over 60,000 cubic metres in the market place, used by council schools and kindergartens